Student Testimonials

Our work in the classroom is fun....I also like [reading the] Bible because I get to learn about Jesus. We also get to work together while we learn about God. The teachers are also kind and nice.


I like that the teachers teach you about God. God is nice and powerful...I also like the playground and basketball court. They are fun and they help you exercise. My favorite is the playground because it has a lot of equipment like the tubes, slides, swings, and things to climb on. You can play and do your school work. 


Third Grade 

I like the field trips that we go on. We get to have fun outside of school. My favorite field trips were all of the museums. I especially liked the Science Center because we watched an IMAX movie in 3D about the ocean....We get to play a lot of games and become better friends with the people here. In my classroom, I can learn about a lot of stuff. My favorite thing to do is learn on the computers.


Fourth Grade

I like East Valley because we get to learn about math. My favorite topic in math is measuring because we get to know how long things are....I like that we get to make new friends when other kids come to visit our school during Jog-A-Thons...I like my friends here at school. They are funny and helpful. They help me in math and language arts. Sometimes if I am stuck with a problem, my friends help me figure it out. I also help them figure out problems too.


Second Grade

I like EVAS because I get to spend time with my friends. I especially like Spirit Days because we get to do a lot of different things. We get to do art and fun activities. It is fun and my friends and I get to be happy. I also like East Valley because I can always learn about Jesus. We get to sing songs to people so that they could feel good. We sing at churches and in chapel. I like when we sing in chapel because we have a lot of fun. We get to sing a lot of new songs and learn a lot of new stories about God. 


Fourth Grade

I like that we always have fun on field trips. One of my favorite field trips is going to the park every month. We get to play in a big playground, play tag, and run around a big area. I also like that we do community service projects before we go. I like it when the pastors come and teach us about God. I learned that the Bible is like a sword. It protects us with the word of God. I also learned that we need to be more like Jesus not just from the outside, but the inside too.


Sixth Grade

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